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GIS Mapping & Integrations

GIS Mapping & Integrations

Data is incredibly useful in daily and emergency operations. Geospatially representing your data can make it even more powerful, granting your teams a stronger understanding of the data and what it means for your operations. Veoci, through fully-integrated GIS mapping, puts cleaner and smarter data into the hands of your team, helping them make better decisions and take more decisive action during daily operations, emergencies, disruptions, and more.

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Enhance Your Operations by Visualizing Your Data

More Value from the Field

Veoci’s mobile accessibility gives field personnel the ability to gather data and document operations directly from the field, including on-site pictures; this data feeds right back into your maps and creates an ecosystem of complete visibility for your team.

Quicker Visual Analysis

Visually filter down to the most important elements of your operation, and target specific areas by geofencing directly from a map in Veoci. Your team can focus on the pieces of the operations that deserve their attention, and eliminate time-consuming inefficiencies.

Make Situational Awareness Instantaneous

Configure your data points to indicate progress, denote closures, and illustrate other relevant information. Veoci immediately reflects the on-the-fly changes you make to your data too, so anyone looking on is immediately up to date on the situation.

Seamlessly Integrate with Esri and ArcGIS

If your organization already houses data in ArcGIS or another application, you don’t have to lose it. Veoci integrates easily with other GIS mapping platforms, and allows data to be exchanged and updated both ways across both of the platforms.

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The mapping feature gives me the ability to see where I have clusters of needs to help me to direct resources efficiently.

Patricia Wallace
LMSW Director, Community Services Administration (former),
City of New Haven
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