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Mass Notification / ENS

Mass Notification / Emergency Notification System (ENS)

Key personnel not answering a text message? No problem. Veoci automatically sends follow up notifications to their other methods of contact. Need to activate a mass notification when you're not near a computer? Simple. Write or voice-record messages from anywhere using our mobile app. With Veoci, you don't have to worry whether a message will get to the right people, or that it will take too long to get to them.

See the Veoci Difference

Veoci makes sure your message is received

Simply put, your mass notification system needs to be reliable, fast, and easy to use

Veoci's integrated mass notification and check-in system works more quickly and consistently than many standalone ENS products. And anyone on your teams with the right permissions can use it.

Two-way SMS with response update capability

Simply sending an alert and having the system tell you it was received is not enough. You need to know that your teams are ready and able to perform their tasks once they get the notification. Better yet, give them the ability to update their response so that you have as accurate a picture of their status as possible.

Sometimes it's good to hear a voice - get teams talking with Automated Conference Calls

There's no getting around the fact that phone calls need to be made during a crisis. Getting people on the same call can be its own crisis. Use Veoci alerts to get all key personnel onto a secure conference line with the tap of a button.

Your people are always on the move - reach them on all their devices

If someone doesn't respond to the notification, Veoci will automatically follow up on their other devices until they do, or move on to the next person in the call tree. And you'll have a dashboard showing the progress of your message and who's seen it.

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The ability to send out mass notifications with the click of a few buttons and the user-friendly environment for incident documentation have been beneficial for our needs.

Rick Litzinger
Emergency Preparedness Manager,
Altru Health System
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