Who We Are

Veoci is the leader in collaboration, continuity, and response software. Through rapid development, depth of knowledge, innovative thinking, and commitment to diversity, we help save time, money, and lives.

Having worked side-by-side for over 20 years, the founders prioritize support and community, and have built Veoci around those principles. We are innovators who realize that the best way we can help ensure organizational resilience and successful crisis management is to create software that everyone can use.

What We Do

Veoci is a platform designed for developing applications, from simple approval forms, to coordinated response plans, to highly complex continuity management programs –anything is possible with Veoci.

Veoci is made by a team of pioneers, tracing our roots to the very beginnings of the no-code transformation. We offer the most straightforward, easy to use platform for you and your teams, and we know what it takes to ensure your applications never stop running.

What We Stand for

Diversity:  Open-mindedness and respect for each other is our core value.

Customer focus:  We built Veoci for real people doing real jobs. We listen to the people who use Veoci in the workplace and in the field. We implement what we learn so that Veoci works not just in theory, but in practice.

Innovation:  To help those who help others, we are always learning new ways to provide the most advanced and useful capabilities. We know we can always do better.

Community:  Our goal is to be an integral part of the communities we serve, and to help create new communities through openness and sharing. Getting the job done right takes a village.

Keith Basile

Keith Basile

General Manager, Solutions

Keith joined the Veoci team in 2013 and has always been focused on the success of its customers. One of Keith's early achievements at Veoci was establishing its customer training program, which his team continually improves and expands today.  Now as General Manager of Solutions, his favorite days on the job are working with his team to find creative ways to provide software solutions for customers and brainstorming flexible, scalable, product improvements.

Keith graduated from Syracuse University with a B.S. in Computer Science and had the pleasure of attending during their amazing 2003 NCAA basketball championship season.

Keith's favorite sauce is his mom's pasta sauce but since none of you have a chance at trying it, let's go with Mole instead.

Dan Dormont

Dan Dormont

Co-Founder and Chief Technologist

As CTO, Dan has led the development of Veoci since the beginning, setting overall technology strategy and engineering practices, guiding the development team, as well as building essential components of the Veoci platform itself, with a special focus in the areas of real-time messaging and data management.

Dan holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Yale University where he focused on languages and systems.

His favorite sauce is matriciana, a traditional Italian pasta sauce.

Nathaniel Ellis

Nathaniel Ellis

Co-Founder and Director of Strategic Solutions

Nathaniel wrote and gave Veoci's first live demo and rode out Hurricane Sandy with our first customer in their EOC. Today he is responsible for identifying and managing key partnerships, developing comprehensive solutions for complex scenarios, and defining areas of opportunity for Veoci's many capabilities.

Nathaniel has a degree in Geography from the University of Cambridge and was Paul Mellon Fellow at Yale University, where he earned an M.A. in International Relations.

His favorite hot sauce is Akabanga, from Rwanda.

Christopher Ford

Christopher Ford

VP of Sales and Partnerships

Christopher has been a friend of the company since 2011, and formally joined in 2021 as the VP of Sales & Partnerships. He brings decades of experience in technology sales and partnerships, from working in management roles for some of the biggest names in technology, as well as helping several startups gain traction. Chris' focus is on growing the sales organization, aligning with strategic partners to help Veoci reach more clients, and helping to ensure our clients get what they need.

Christopher has a BA from Cornell University, and has continued his education through coursework at Harvard Business School.

Originally from Connecticut, Chris now lives in Vermont with his wife and 2 children, and is an avid skier and sailor.

His favorite hot sauce is Sriracha.

Brigitte Girard

Brigitte Girard


Brigitte joined Veoci in 2017 as the Director of Finance and worked for an investment advisory firm for over 20 years. She has experience in assets and wealth management, accounting and financial projections. At Veoci, Brigitte drives the financial strategic planning of the company as well as overseeing all operational financial and accounting functions.

Brigitte obtained a degree in Finance and Business Administration from the Institut Universitaire de Technologie de Paris XI, France and went on to obtain an MBA and a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from the John Welch School of Business at Sacred Heart University, in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Her favorite sauce is green peppercorn.

Sukh Grewal

Sukh Grewal

CEO and Co-Founder

Dr. Sukh Grewal founded Veoci with key members of his team on the SupportCentral project at GE. He has led the company with a collective vision based on years of experience on the forefront of technology.

​Dr. Grewal holds a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and a B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur. With his thesis on "Instabilities in Vaporizing Liquid Layers" he started his career experimenting with fluid mechanics of natural convection during the shutdown of nuclear reactors. 

His many roles have included Program Manager for engineering computing, leading the transition to CMOS-centric computing, and developing the economic model for creating large data centers. 

Dr. Grewal also spent ten years pioneering the adoption of 3D computer models and the application of methods used in the design of jet engine parts, to the design of the manufacturing processes to build those parts. Beginning in 1999 and continuing for the next ten years, Sukh created and supervised the SupportCentral system, which grew to become the biggest enterprise work/social platform in use with 360,000 users in twenty languages.

Dr. Grewal holds fourteen patents in fields as diverse as heat transfer, forging, tooling, social networks, and business processes.

His favorite sauce is Major Grey's Chutney.

Ken Moon

Ken Moon

Co-Founder and VP Marketing

Ken is an IT industry veteran who has served in diverse roles, ranging from UI and UX design, security, project leadership, and program management. As a developer and marketer, he's engaged in making sure the world knows of all the good things Veoci can do and does.

Ken holds B.A., M.Phil., and M.A. degrees in American Studies from Yale University.

His favorite sauce is McDonald's Hot Mustard Sauce, when they have it.

Tamás Simon

Tamás Simon

Co-Founder and VP Engineering & Operations

Simon has extensive experience as an IT leader, having spearheaded projects ranging from implementing and running a global password reset system, to developing global SaaS, web-interface file sharing and document management project from the ground up (in 2003).

At Veoci he leads the development team, ensuring timely delivery of new enhancements, overseeing architecture and operations, and managing an ever-growing team of super intelligent programmers.

Simon graduated from Franklin & Marshall College with a double major in Math and Business Management.

His areas of expertise include solving complex problems and designing, building and running large enterprise scale systems.

His favorite sauce is Erõs Pista (Hungarian for "Strong Steven").

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