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Creating Veoci Vitals EM: A Healthcare Emergency and Incident Management Solution

Creating Veoci Vitals EM: A Healthcare Emergency and Incident Management Solution

Vitals EM was created from the need of seamless integration with incident management and other areas of the platform. There were many different functionalities to tie together through the platform. Before Vitals EM was created, if you wanted to integrate our solutions for things like hazard vulnerability assessment and after action review, it was a tedious process of having to enter the same information multiple times.

This solution ensures a process that cuts down on time and is in a centralized singular place to document your incidents and have that information drive. The incident information for HVA becomes information AARs and 96 hour sustainability planning. It minimizes clicking around through easy navigation and then translates information in a more passive sense to be a force multiplier.

Outside of incident management, what clients were looking for was custom build. With Vitals EM, it is a package that checks all the boxes allowing you to have minimal customization needed while providing full flexibility. The goal for this healthcare package was for a holistic program management without having to do all the scoping on the front side.

Vitals EM handles incidents and planning day-to-day utilization. Through the assessment form, you can begin gathering the information before the initial planning call for an incident. For example, hospital leaders are coming out of their offices, medical leaders are coming from their floor, and other various departments are coming from their spaces to all gather and discuss challenges for the day, what the priorities are, and what the needs are. This is an everyday occurrence. Instead of physically attending meetings, imagine a centralized spot to see what is happening that day. Veoci’s platform allows these leaders to be able to login and check instead. Along with day-to-day tasks, it can also be a global security operation center, dispatch operation center, or even a place where people in a dispatch center for security can utilize Veoci to not only capture incident data, but also bring people together to help immediately escalate things.

This will be a time saver for your team during implementation. The way this solution is built is very replicable and has an easy execution standpoint. Everything is built out as a plan. With this, you can take it and direct it to the virtual environment and deploy it to where it needs to be. Rather than before, having to go into each environment and build it from the ground up. From there you’re able to customize and change anything needed.

This re-engineered incident management and situational awareness capabilities allow our healthcare clients to meet and crush their regulatory and accreditation-related program deliverables. Vitals EM is Veoci’s latest healthcare package that has been designed for healthcare emergency managers and business continuity experts by healthcare emergency managers and business continuity experts.

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