COVID-19: Making Return-to-Work Smooth for Workers

Jul 23, 2020

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Veoci Staff

As more and more organizations make the transition back to a physical workplace, they'll need to consider how to maintain the health and safety of their employees. This doesn't mean, however, that workers can prepare themselves for the eventual return to the office. Here are some steps workers can take to mentally and physically ease the transition back to work. 

Getting Into the Right Mindset

Work spaces and offices aren’t going to be the same during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, workers should shift their mindsets and expect a new norm in the office.

Common areas will likely be off-limits to limit the chance of viral transmission. Workers will also need to respect and practice social distancing. This may be difficult due to the personal nature of offices, but preparing for it will make it easier to adhere to. 

It will also be a big change from being at home either alone or with loved ones all day to returning to a more structured schedule. If your schedule has become more flexible as a result of working from home, workers should try to reimpose the structure of the typical work day as the timeline for returning to work becomes clear.

Cleaning the Office

It is very important to be hyper aware of the cleanliness of the office. Workers should wash their hands regularly, wear masks, and keep their work spaces clean. 

Any common areas should be regularly disinfected and office managers should hire professional cleaning crews to sanitize the office on a regular basis. This will not only help to stop the spread of the virus, but it will give employees peace of mind about their safety. 

Choosing Technology

Even though people are making the shift back to the office, many organizations are becoming more lenient about work from home policies. With workers splitting time between the office and home, communication is more important than ever. 

Having a technology platform that can support this new structure of communication is essential for the success of your organization and its workers. A platform that can push notifications to employees, report on their responses, and facilitate conversation is ideal. Additionally, your organization will need a trusted video platform for conference calling that employees can use when they attend or hold meetings.

Updating BCP Plans

The COVID-19 pandemic likely revealed some gaps or areas of weakness in your business continuity plan (BCP). One way to make sure you’re ready for whatever comes next with this pandemic, such as a second wave, is to update your BCP. This will help ensure that your organization is prepared for the future, and can provide peace of mind for employees who know you’re thinking ahead. 

The pandemic is a scary time for most; returning to work won’t be easy for many workers. Plans will provide an organization with guidance, which they can then pass onto their workers. Giving workers the knowledge they need to be safe, and ensuring they know your organization is taking the steps it needs to preserve their safety, will make getting back to the office much easier. 

Easing the Transition 

Workers can take certain steps to make their personal return-to-work processes smoother. It’ll be a collaboration between workers and organizations as well. Understanding that the office environment may never look the same and getting in the right mindset about the future will help ease the transition back to the office. To learn more about returning to work watch our webinar on the return to the office here.

Read more about our other COVID-19 related solutions here.

Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash

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COVID-19: Making Return-to-Work Smooth for Workers

As more and more organizations make the transition back to a physical workplace, there are many factors to consider to maintain the health and safety of employees. Fortunately, there are some steps workers can take to mentally and physically ease the transition back to work.

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