Enabling Universities to Use Self-Reporting During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As schools open up in the fall, exposure to COVID-19 is a serious concern for staff and the student body. Fortunately, with a solid self-reporting tool, members of the school community have a way to report potential exposure to the organization.

With the help of a Veoci Form, data can be collected straight from individuals about where and when they were exposed to COVID-19 and whether or not they took appropriate steps such as contacting the health department, getting tested, or hospitalization, and whether they are experiencing any symptoms. This form is also fully customizable so you can ask anything from what classrooms students were in to which residence halls they live in. Veoci keeps this data secure, and only exposes it to the appropriate parties, maintaining the confidentiality of students, staff, and faculty who report using it. In terms of security, Veoci is fully HIPAA and FERPA compliant.

Universities can intake this information and use it to manage cleaning and facilities management as well as isolations, relocations, and quarantines. The self-reporting form is also an excellent tool for daily check-ups.

The data from this Form can then be used to identify trends. It can be displayed in multiple forms, providing your organization with a comprehensive dashboard of what’s going on on campus regarding COVID-19. Veoci response capabilities also means should a team need to respond to an event or an outbreak, it can be done directly from within Veoci, simplifying response efforts and coordinating within the school or even with external stakeholders like local health departments. Eventually, the data in this form can be used to support contact tracing efforts.

You can read more about Veoci’s contact tracing solution here.

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