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Daily Operations: Lease Management for Part 139 Airports

Among the many solutions that Veoci provides to the General Aviation industry, one of the less heralded but highly important (and interesting!) ones is Lease Management, especially for smaller Part 139 certified airports.  And while it may seem like a simple application, Veoci’s usage as a lease management tool is an excellent demonstration of how Veoci can be configured for very specific aviation needs.

Visualizing and Simplifying the Process

Having an aerial view of the entire airport is one of the most appealing and useful features of the platform. Traditionally, airports mostly use old pen-and-paper systems or Excel spreadsheets that hold all the information regarding each individual hangar. Visiting or calling the office for information would be a regular and tedious part of maintaining an airfield. These more traditional methods wear on users’ patience and are time-consuming.

Veoci's GIS Map Layering
How Veoci’s GIS map layering looks for users. Each section (layers) can be opened to access information about an area to fill out forms.

The interactive mapping available in Veoci has simplified the process for many of these smaller, leasing-based airports. The aerial view gives a much more true and comprehensive understanding of an airport’s space.

The map layering within the platform expedites the undertaking as well. Layers allow users to distinguish particular areas, a feature invaluable to a practice centered around managing physical space. The map can be visually labeled and information can be added through the built-in forms. Notes regarding the tenant, their aircraft, the aircraft’s serial, and the space’s contents can all be logged. Anything can be recorded so long as Veoci is configured to do so. And it’s all available at the click of a button, making any notes regarding the rental area’s history accessible.

Mobile Accessibility

Veoci’s mobile compatibility streamlines the process even further. Tablets and phones have access to the Veoci app and the platform’s full range of capabilities.  It’s a feature that has greatly changed the daily experience and operation of these smaller mom-and-pop airports.

Having Veoci in the field on a mobile device condenses the complicated and exhaustive process of managing dozens, or even hundreds, of rental spaces. Filling out forms that are submitted to the database wirelessly, right there at the lease location, frees up a lot of time for those responsible for inspections and their back office – the data is put into the system at the moment it’s being entered, without having to be transcribed from paper forms. In other words, it allows more work to be done and yields higher quality work.

Small Staff Compatibility

Veoci reduces the time it takes to perform hangar inspections and maintenance. Before, the workload of maintaining hangars and rental space was often a long and grueling process, bogged down even further by excessive amounts of paperwork. It can be overwhelming for small airports with a limited amount of staff.  Lease management has become a much more streamlined, fast, and efficient process for the smaller, Part 139 airports who have adopted Veoci.

Veoci’s map layering and forms capabilities relieve a lot of stress by organizing work-order management. Veoci queues work-orders and quickly categorizes them. Requests and tasks aren’t forgotten anymore, something especially useful for facilities with, and without, dedicated maintenance staffs.

These work-orders aren’t only for the airport staff, however. If they’d like, an airport can have a public form for work-order requests from their tenants. Any issue a tenant wants to address with the property manager can be logged through public facing work-orders. Veoci brings any necessary information from any input into one very navigable location.

Reducing the Workload

Alex Nguyen, a member of the Solutions team here at Veoci, said “being able to tie everything into one location” is what draws small airport operators to the Veoci platform. Everything centralizes into one area and is easy to access. Past inspections, leases, and so much more being all in one spot really favors these minimally-staffed facilities.

Custom actions in Veoci can even enable reminders. The quick heads-up the platform provides streamlines their long-term operations. Upcoming expirations don’t get lost in the disorganized piles of contracts and documents. Digitizing a cluttered and confusing paper system prevents expirations from just being dates at the end of some stapled sheets. Veoci aids in enforcing policies, regulations, and deadlines, much to the benefit of the airport.

Data and Deadlines

Many of the taxing aspects of lease management were eliminated through the adoption of the platform. It allows these businesses to operate much more efficiently.

Even for larger of the small airports, those with 50 plus buildings or over 200 total tenants, all the minor details of each space can quickly be lost or forgotten. But, through Veoci, it’s not only easy to find, it never slips anybody’s mind.

Airport managers can use Veoci to track pertinent information, like expirations and insurance information. It introduces more efficient and help them stay ahead of expirations and deadlines.

Information is probably the most central aspect of lease management. Despite its vital part in lease management, the effort involved in getting and keeping information can severely limit how efficiently a smaller airport runs. Using Veoci is a true time-saver especially for smaller airport staffs, putting all of information in one spot.

No Software for Airport Lease Management

A lot of the headache that comes with lease management in general aviation is the lack of software dedicated to the operation.  In fact, the general aviation managers are desperate for such software. The stacks of contracts, brimming file cabinets, and never-ending spreadsheets only complicate the work. Often, documents become lost or difficult and tiring to access.

No software caters exactly to aviation lease management.

Some software does exist for lease management, but it isn’t suited to the peculiarities of general aviation lease management. These other platforms are tailored for other industries with lease management needs, like residential rentals and asset databases. They’re tailored so much so that they often cause more trouble when being adapted for general aviation lease management requirements. They work well for the industries they’re suited for, just not for general aviation.

Often these tools require the purchase of a larger package, one with an array of features that will most likely go unused. In some cases, parent cities or governments will supply a package with their own asset management software. But, because these softwares aren’t designed for lease management, they go unused or become the cause of more issues.

Veoci’s Flexibility

Veoci is a dynamic platform that allows users to develop their own solutions and applications (with no coding necessary), and the functionalities are versatile enough that they can be configured into an ideal tool for lease management. While many of these smaller airports may appear to have the same needs, they don’t. Each handles their operations in a unique manner for a myriad of reasons.

Veoci’s flexibility is really important for this industry. As organizational needs change, Veoci can shift to easily meet new expectations.

With Veoci, small airports see and use only what they’ve asked for. Having an application contoured to their individual operations grants them a sense of relief and and eases their overall workload.

Flexibility is what smaller airports want in a software. Being able to arrange the platform to manage and collect whatever data they need is just one benefit Veoci brings to their industry.

These smaller airports, who primarily operate in lease management, have seen massive improvement in their work and efficiency due to their adoption of Veoci. Replacing their hectic and outdated systems with a software tailored to them made every day a lot easier.

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