Tracking and Assessing Supplies for Responding to COVID-19

As COVID-19 equipment shortages abound across the country, a New England city wanted to stay ahead of the curve by ensuring its communities’ needs were consistently accounted for. Specifically, they needed a streamlined and efficient way of collecting pertinent data from local agencies and facilities to properly gauge things like equipment usage, projections, and existing inventory.

Having a digitized form would make this process easier. Not only does it provide a more reliable method of capturing data, but it can be easily shared with local, state and federal partners. Dynamic fields with drop down options would eliminate the need for free text inputs, minimize errors, and save time.

To assist the city, Veoci designed a customized form for tracking essential equipment and supplies such as: N95s, goggles/eyewear, masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, cleaning solutions, wipes, and toilet paper. The form includes sub-forms with fields for capturing the following data: count on hand, count on order, current usage per week, projected usage per week. The data collected can be manipulated in a variety of ways and easily displayed and analyzed via reporting Dashboards. The data then becomes an important tool for informing decision making related to equipment allocation and distribution.

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