Tracking COVID-19 Cases and Tracing Contacts

One of the key elements in controlling the spread of COVID-19 is tracking information about infected individuals and tracing the path of infection. This can help healthcare officials and scientists detect trends in transmission and temper further spread of the virus.

A major university in North Carolina acknowledged the importance of case tracking and contact tracing early on in the COVID-19 pandemic. They established a case tracking system, which Veoci identified as a best practice.

The University reached out to Veoci to help further develop their case tracking system and create a contact tracing form. A Veoci solutions expert with a background in higher education emergency management went to the CDC website and found forms for both contact tracing and case tracking.

These forms were adapted to Veoci Forms and can translate to other pandemics besides the COVID-19.

Since the university has adapted these forms, the digitization of their contact tracking has allowed for quick collection, cataloging, and reporting. There are set questions that need to be asked of individuals, the answers to which are stored and used for data reporting.

Veoci contact tracing collects key information on contacts including demographic characteristics, exposure history, and follow-up actions (i.e. observed symptom monitoring and a daily diary). The form allows for the identification of asymptomatic or mild cases as well as severe cases because all cases have the potential to transmit the virus.

This institute of higher education is now able to trace infection and track the spread of COVID-19 with their new Veoci solutions. Reporting and data collection have been streamlined, which equals one less worry during this global crisis.

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