Streamlining Travel Reporting

At the onset of the COVID-19 response, providing a way for employees, staff, and students at higher education institutions to be informed about guidelines and restrictions applying to their travel and geographical locations was paramount. Knowing where everyone in the community was, letting them know what travel was allowed or what their options were to get to a homebase, and determining who would need to self-quarantine – these were vital tracking points essential to the overall safety of the campus and decision-making about what policies to adopt.

Not only that, employees, students, staff and others who were traveling, had recently traveled, or had plans to travel, understandably had questions and concerns that needed to be addressed and answered. Veoci worked with a major Virginia university to swiftly create an online resource center for the entire academic community in which to ask their questions and report critical information.
Another major university is using an existing travel registry solution built on Veoci to track faculty and students who were abroad when lockdowns began, tracking their locations, emergency contact information, and providing avenues of support. Read our content about travel registry here.

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