Digitally Managing Quarantine and Isolation Requests

Large cities are taking proactive steps to protect their most vulnerable citizens as COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc across the country. One such measure includes securing lodging for first responders, frontline medical workers, individuals in the behavioral health system, and the homeless.

To assist the one large city, Veoci has crafted a customized solution that provides transparency into the number of rooms available. The solution comes with various dashboards and management tools for monitoring room inventory across multiple facilities. It also provides details about how long each client has been in isolation at each facility.

Emergency Operation Command (EOC) personnel can set up their isolation facility details including location, inventory of rooms, and those responsible for managing the check-in / check-out process.

The workflow is initiated by a worker in the field who fills out the intake form to request lodging for the client. This request is sent to personnel in the EOC who can view the inventory of rooms across their various facilities, as well as determine where the client is located and whether they will require transportation. The EOC personnel assign the client to a facility with available rooms. They then notify personnel at the assigned facility that they have a new client.

When the client arrives at the facility, the personnel check the client in by assigning a specific room and verifying the client’s information. The facility personnel have a dashboard to view their current clients as well as the pending check-ins. When a client is ready to checkout, the facility personnel can list their check-out date and time. When a client is checked out the room is cleaned and put back into the room inventory.

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