Veoci EH&S for Higher Education

More efficiency and accountability for less effort.

Environmental health and safety is large part of most universities, and it requires a lot of time and attention. Universities and their staffs need to collect a lot of data, build reports, develop processes, and train a lot of people. And without the right tools in place, EH&S can eat a lot of time and effort it now doesn’t have to. Veoci’s EH&S for Higher Education solution adds more accountability and efficiency to the process while keeping the time requirements to a minimum.

  • All-in, just one, or a few — choose the EH&S components your university or college needs to succeed.
  • Eliminate data migration with this solution. No need to spend time moving information from place to place.
  • Get up and running fast. Veoci’s EH&S solution requires minimal setup time.
  • Spend less time on administration of the program and more time on building a safe environment.
  • Track any and all EH&S data and stay ready for grants, audits, and other data-hungry operations.

In working closely with UNC Greensboro, Veoci developed an EH&S solution tailored to exact needs of colleges and universities. And now that solution is ready for other colleges and universities across the country, suited to enhance safety and preparedness while meeting all the requirements of regulations.

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