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Pandemic Management Solutions

Veoci customers have deployed over 500 solutions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These were implemented in as little as a few hours or a day, and represent the quick turnaround capabilities and quality of support Veoci provides to organizations needing to put processes online or add other digital capabilities. Our customers are using Veoci now more than ever, and we stand ready to assist and serve in managing any public health crisis with them.

Real World, Frontline Solutions Being Used Today

Resource and inventory management, expense tracking, community support - all of these, and more, are critical to the pandemic response operations of municipalities, businesses, and organizations. The list below represents the real world solutions in use now.

Employee, Staff, and People Management

Categorize and track status of offices, clinics, and branch status including closures or reduced hours; filter by geographic data such as state, region, or zip code; send and receive updates.

Ensure employees are well enough to return to the office, control building access, and see all the data in one dashboard view.

Wellness Checks and Case Management

Check in on employees who have been diagnosed with an infection or are isolating and manage their cases.

Child Care Reservations for Essential Workers

Request system for essential workers to request child care so they can report to work.

Report staff shortage or surplus to optimize shifts and coverage, especially for healthcare systems.

Internal or public-facing form for individuals to declare self quarantine. Capture medical concerns, symptoms, exposures, and self-quarantine status as related to outbreaks.

Call taker solution for recording updates from returning staff, students, or employees who have traveled abroad or across states/regions.

Work from Home Logging

Simple and easy to use daily status form for employees and staff working from home - instant customization to capture fields of information relevant to specific organizational needs.

Staff Hoteling

Track inventory of available beds for healthcare workers, with a reservation system to request beds.

Case Tracking and Community Support

Track patient's case upon being seen at a medical facility - exposure, symptoms, test status. Relate to other cases for contact tracing. Collect information from medical visit(s), quarantine/isolation status, contact info, emergency contact info, follow-up check-ins.

Log calls coming into a call center - take in caller information, demographics, nature of question, location, and more. Escalation and transfer to supervisors based on determined criteria.

Solicit and track plasma donors for medical research on treatment, using public forms and internal workflows.

For shelters, fire, health, and other departments who have someone requiring isolation / quarantine. Workflow accessible to everyone in the request cycle - coordinator, lodging resource, lodging resource rep.

Volunteer Management

Volunteer registration, approval, on-boarding, and assignment.

City Comparative View and Analysis

Allow agencies to record how related agencies have been impacted. Track and map data from nearby or similarly sized towns, cities, and regions and their pandemic timelines for comparative view and action.

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Case Study

"City Health Department Uses Veoci to Track COVID-19 Cases and Data"

Resource Management

Donation Management

Public form to donate PPE, including coordination of delivery and pick-up.

Outreach to partners for mutual aid in locating, distributing, and managing needed equipment.

Manage PPE / N95 inventory for response services - basic inventory control allowing for burn rate determination and addition/removal tracking.

PPE Vendor Bid

Allow procurement department to expedite the purchasing process for needed PPE. Manage vendor response and document availability and quotes.

Process for resource requests (e.g. inventory, equipment, personnel, supplies), routed through operations and logistics for fulfillment.

Solution allowing local agencies and facilities to assess critical needs for their communities, and allow for easy reporting to state and federal partners. Includes data for count on hand, count on order, current usage/burn rate, and projected usage.

For hospitals and healthcare systems - outbreak-specific SitStat including positive test results, PPE status, bed availability, and ability to automatically trigger actions based on updated data.

Expense Tracking and Reimbursement

FEMA forms to manage expense reimbursement associated with declared disasters, including: Force Account Equipment Summary, Force Account Labor Summary, Force Account Materials Summary, Rented Equipment Summary, Materials Summary, Contract Summary

Track sick and family leave taken by employees that is reimbursable by the FFCRA. Pulls hours from the employee's allotted bank, and maintains balance. Approvals by Manager, HR and Finance to submit for reimbursement.

Attach and upload expense reports filled out in a spreadsheet template, build reports and filter by department.

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White Paper

"Digitally Managing FEMA Reimbursements and Streamlining Recovery"

Communication and Awareness

Official Communications

Workflows for vetting and approving internal and external communications - ensure accountability, reputation, and consistent messaging.

Daily Executive Summary

Fully customized and formatted emails aggregating data from multiple sources into an easily digestible and timely update for execs and stakeholders.

Record meeting attendance and absences; publish and distribute meeting notes; automate follow up notifications and reminders to identified attendees.

Outbound Communication Log

Track outbound communications to stakeholders and document all necessary metadata such as when was it sent, in what format, who sent it, who it was sent to, and the type of communication.

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