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An Update from Veoci on coronavirus (COVID-19)

March 27, 2020
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As we continue to respond to COVID-19, the team at Veoci would like to let you know what we as a company have been doing in response to its spread, and offer our services and expertise to anyone who is putting together processes and solutions to implement and operationalize your organization’s response.

Veoci COVID-19 Webinars

At Veoci, we’re not only solutions providers, we’re response and continuity practitioners too. 

We understand the difference accurate information makes during plan activations and responses. Because we know how important this is, we’ve created materials and sources practitioners from all corners and industries can use in their COVID-19 responses.

Webinar - Part 1: Coronavirus - Updates in an Evolving Story
Presented by Dr. Marie Louise Landry, Director of Clinical Virology Laboratory at the Yale University School of Medicine, this webinar was an extremely insightful and informative look at the virology and history of COVID-19 in the context of past virus outbreaks and their impact.  

You can read a summary of the webinar here on the Veoci blog.

Webinar - Part 2: Coronavirus - Immune Response to Viruses
Dr. Paula Kavathas, Professor Laboratory Medicine and Immunobiology at the Yale University School of Medicine, takes us on a deep dive into our immune system and how it responds to viral attacks, with particular focus on how COVID-19 and similar infections are handled by the human body. 

Watch the webinar recording, or read the summary.

Webinar - Part 3: Practitioner Panel: Continuity in the Face of Coronavirus 
A team of Veoci practitioners joined a panel discussion on how organizations can quickly implement digital solutions to ensure the safety of their communities and employees, specific measures that can be deployed for COVID-19, and general expertise on ensuring continuity and resilience.

Watch the webinar recording, or read the summary.

Thought Leadership

What Does COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Mean for Business Continuity?
COVID-19 can seriously disrupt business continuity and operations. In this post, we explore what COVID-19 could mean for the continuity of your organization’s operations and how to best respond to the pandemic and how to respond if it starts affecting your organization. Read the blog post here.

Veoci's Internal COVID-19 Response: Preparedness and Planning Key to Success
Learn more about the importance of preparedness as a necessary part of any business continuity program, and how Veoci has kept itself alert and ready to handle any disruptions. Planning, training, and a focus on employee welfare are key to ensuring organizational survival and resilience. Read the blog post here.

COVID-19 and First Responder Stressors
Among "essential employees", first responders already face high stress situations every day even when there is no pandemic or widespread crisis situation. Here we talk about how COVID-19 as affected how they do their work, as well as realities being face by healthcare workers who are on the frontlines. Read the blog post here.

Veoci COVID-19 User Group

For our customers, we’ve created a user group to discuss how their organizations are using Veoci to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is where some of the best strategies and tactics for countering the pandemic come to life. Other people sometimes have the perspective you need to put the final touches on a solution. We’re happy to offer this resource for all of those organizations and practitioners responding or who will respond to the pandemic.

If you’re a Veoci customer and interested in joining this user group, get in touch now. You can also request access via our helpdesk (login required).

Veoci’s COVID-19 Solution

Regardless of what your organization is responding to, there are a handful of best practices that each plan follows. Our solution incorporates these best practices and other standards to give you the tools you need to efficiently respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have been helping organizations manage crises and emergencies for almost a decade. We have been preparing for a crisis like this one, and have a set of integrated web and mobile work processes, forms, and dashboards that you can use rapidly with little training or effort:

  • Dashboards/Portals open to everyone in your organization to communicate COVID-19 items
  • Management Dashboards to track activities and data
  • Feed from the CDC or other source
  • Forms and processes to locate where your people are and what their status is, including self-quarantining and work-from-home
  • Status of offices/branches 
  • Phone/text notification to alert and capture responses from employees
  • View of any customer/supplier issues
  • Access to all Forms on employee mobile devices

For those of you who do not have a notification system, Veoci includes one to send voicemail and 2-way text messaging to all your employees.

Watch a brief presentation, or contact us to request a demo of the solution.

How We’ve Been Responding to Coronavirus

Some of you may be wondering “What is Veoci, as a company, doing in response to this pandemic?”

  1. Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Drill: We successfully executed a drill specifically for the COVID-19 scenario previous to state and federal directives regarding office closures. We shut down our headquarters office and required all employees to work from home, ensuring that everyone has what they need to keep themselves safe while also guaranteeing that all our operations continue normally during this event.
  1. Travel prohibition: We have cancelled all company-related travel, including attendance at all trade shows and conferences, and will continue to evaluate the situation for any meetings and events. We miss the opportunity to meet new people and see familiar faces, but we want to do our part in taking proactive precautions.
  1. Self-quarantine: We asked any employees who have traveled for work or personal reasons to not come to the office or directly interact with other employees for a defined period.
  1. Work from Home: We have instituted a work-from-home policy for all employees until further notice, and are making sure that everyone is equipped with whatever they need to be able to do their jobs to the fullest remotely.
  1. Continuous Observation and Appropriate Responses: We have created an internal room and processes for addressing emerging news and government recommendations about COVID-19 so that we can communicate quickly and implement measures to protect employee and community safety. The Veoci leadership team meets regularly and is constantly collaborating to keep this at the forefront of our priorities, along with making sure Veoci is up, running, and fully supported.
  2. Started a Romper Room to share fun and interesting ways to keep our sanity intact as we work from home full time while caring for our families, raising our children, and finally seeing what our pets do during the day.

From the CDC and WHO

Here’s information from trusted health sources about the current global situation:

What's Ahead

As the pandemic continues to evolve, you can expect additional content, information, and more from the Veoci team. Check back on our blog see the latest updates. We will continue to do our utmost to provide support and expertise for all of our customers and will do what it takes to contribute to the best possible outcome.

We wish for good health to you and everyone near and close to you.

The Veoci Team

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