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Emergency Management

Emergency Management Software - The Virtual EOC

Emergency management software should help your teams help those in need, not slow them down with clunky interfaces, or stop them in their tracks with system crashes. Veoci is easy to use, quick to deploy, and always available. Gather every member of your team, no matter where they are, into a virtual EOC where everything is centralized, organized, and instantly archived. Veoci doesn't run your teams through inflexible checklists - it provides a way for them to communicate with each other and the EOC, and it gives you the mapping, alerts, workflows, task management, dashboards, and every other operational tool necessary for running a successful EOC.

See the Veoci Difference

Veoci means preparedness

Preparedness means expecting the unexpected, does your software do the same?

Veoci's emergency management software gives you the power to launch a tailored, detailed plan whenever an event starts in your city or region. Better yet, use the built-in flexibility to change those plans on the fly as conditions change or totally unpredictable circumstances arise.

Does your Emergency Operations Center let team members join from anywhere, on any device?

Get everyone you need - key personnel, response teams, stakeholders - all up and running from their computers or phones, no matter where they are in a matter of seconds. Use Veoci's automated response plans and multi-stream notification system to bring everyone into your virtual EOC.

Are your disaster recovery processes on par with your response plans?

From housing displaced people and filing for FEMA  reimbursements, to work area recovery strategies and facilities rehabilitation, disaster recovery efforts are just as important as every other part of your emergency management cycle. Veoci has the right solution for even the most complex, organization-specific needs.

Can your mitigations be incorporated into your response plans quickly?

Preparedness, response, and recovery plans must constantly improve in order to be effective as new incidents arise, no matter how "run of the mill" they may seem. Veoci has a way to take your insights and apply them for the next incident with no hassle and immediate results.

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Veoci is the best emergency management software available today. There's nothing even close to it.

Chip Orton, CEM, TEM
Director of Emergency Management,
Amarillo, Texas
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