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Emergency Management - The Virtual EOC

Emergency management software should help your teams help those in need, not slow them down with clunky interfaces, or stop them in their tracks with system crashes. Veoci is easy to use, quick to deploy, and always available.

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Business Continuity Management Program (BCMP)

The challenge in BCMP is readiness. You need to make sure the key people are on board - sponsors, planners,  coordinators, and team members - and that their data, from basic facilities information to essential function verification, is always up to date.

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Communication & Collaboration

Have you ever been in a room full of people with great ideas trying to solve a problem, all talking at once? The solution gets lost in the chaos. Now we know you still need to hear people's voices in order to collaborate effectively, so we integrate every method of communication you've got.

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Mass Notification / Emergency Notification System (ENS)

Key personnel not answering a text message? No problem. Veoci automatically sends follow up notifications to their other methods of contact. Need to activate a mass notification when you're not near a computer? Simple.

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GIS Mapping & Integrations

Data is incredibly useful in daily and emergency operations. Geospatially representing your data can make it even more powerful, granting your teams a stronger understanding of the data and what it means for your operations.

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Visitor Management

Veoci puts more control into the hands of security personnel. Easily vet potential visitors through an automated process, service digital visitor requests from internal and external parties, maintain situational awareness between shifts and personnel. Veoci also aggregates all operations data, enabling analysts and managers to notice and act on trends.

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Enterprise Class Application Development Platform

Whether your team just needs a simple approval form, or your organization needs a robust process automation system to optimize its operations, you should be spending your time using your solutions, not coding them.

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