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Helping The Public Through Meal Distribution Sites

May 5, 2020

Back to Veoci BlogHelping The Public Through Meal Distribution Sites

Making sure people have access to regular meals is an essential function of COVID-19 response. Schools and municipalities have had to find ways to organize the distribution of food to students and members of the general public. 

A major city in Connecticut developed a solution alongside Veoci to keep track of every school in their jurisdiction and how many breakfasts and lunches they were distributing. 

The solution consisted of a public form which tracked school name, date, the representative reporting the information, number of breakfasts, and number of lunches served that day. There was also a Dashboard lined to this form which highlighted the totals of each numerical category and displayed graphs with key trends. 

A large city in Pennsylvania also developed a meal distribution solution. Their solution was publicly oriented to help provide the general public with information regarding resources around food distribution. 

This city created a public-facing map that identified locations that are distributing meals, the people operating those distribution locations, and what their schedule or scope of services are. There was also a back end form that gathered information on the number of meals distributed and needed resources. 

This solution is highly flexible and can be tailored to the needs of any organization that needs to distribute food.

Image by sativis from Pixabay

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