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Guilford Firefighters and Veoci Partner to Help Santa

We’re always amazed to see the truly innovative ways in which our partners and customers deploy Veoci. One particularly creative application comes from the Guilford Professional Firefighters Union, whose members volunteer their free time over December weekends to play Santa for their community.

Every holiday season firefighters accept pre-wrapped, pre-addressed gifts along with donations at the firehouse. They pack up an antique fire truck and spread holiday cheer by delivering gifts to children throughout town with their lights flashing and sirens blaring!

New to the drive this year is their use of Veoci to help plan Santa’s delivery routes and track progress.

The fire department added each delivery location as a Task and assigned them to the appropriate firefighters. They were able to view destinations on a map, plan routes, and visualize their progress as pinpoints automatically changed from candy-cane red to Christmas-tree green when Santa used his iPad to mark deliveries as complete.

The Veoci team would like the wish everyone a happy holiday season and extend special thanks to the Guilford Professional Firefighters Union for bringing joy to their community.

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