Environmental Management

One of an airport’s biggest commitments to its surrounding community is environmental management. Getting planes off the ground can put a strain on local environments and ecosystems, and it’s important airports keep track of that footprint and organize data in a way that allows them to minimize pollution and the airport’s impact on the environment.

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Environmental policy and ISO 14001

Policy lays the foundation for your airport. Use Veoci as a single source for environmental reporting, policy, and training.

  • Store and maintain policies
  • Keep all environmental policy documents in one, accessible location
  • Dashboards serve as hubs for environmental information for all internal and external stakeholders
  • ISO 14001
  • Track relevant environmental operations data and automatically generate reports
  • Dashboards provide a single endpoint for all environmental data
  • Give auditors access to Dashboards to demonstrate compliance
  • Employee training
  • Keep tabs on employee environmental trainings with views of expirations and other important dates
  • Saved Views and Dashboards push upcoming expirations and due dates to top-of-mind

Stormwater Management

Catalog all potential pollutants, including deicing, fueling, and waste, from airside and landside operations and cut downtime in reporting of incidents.

Veoci’s work order and other solutions help airports stay ahead on preventative maintenance and reduce environmental impact.

Automated spill response plans with notifications and task assignments help your team move and mitigate spills faster.

Fully map out drains and runoff around your airport to streamline maintenace and reporting.

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