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Lease & Tenant Management

Cut back on the time and effort it takes to manage leases and tenants at your airport. Veoci converts paper processes into fully digital lease management, storing all important documents, automating contract management, maintenance, and streamlining how your airport communicates with its tenants.

Eliminate paper processes go digital

Save time by digitizing your airport’s lease management. Initiate inspections, manage contracts, and move data seamlessly across your airport’s operations.

Convert paper into Forms and Workflows

Keep paper from slowing things down. Automate reminders and notifications, open communications with tenants, and get automatic reports to streamline administration.

Maintain tenant databases and records from one digital location

Create tenant records with all relevant information, including commiunications logs, inspection records, payments, property information, and more.

Tie in work orders and other operations data

Integrate with work orders and other airport solutions to ensure all important information about tenants and properties is captured in a single view.

Visualize leases and properties with GIS mapping

Create a virtual interactive map of the airfield, and drill down into areas to see more specific information right from the map.

Improve tenant communications

Changing how your airport interfaces with tenants brings more efficiency to lease and tenant management.

  • Billing and invoices
  • Send invoices and other documents to tenants automatically
  • Customizable templates allow airports to include any information they see fit
  • Public tenant portal
  • Always accessible to tenants via mobile or desktop
  • Hub for all communications from airport administration
  • Home for important documents and links
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Customize notifications for individual tenants or types of communications
  • Reminders keep your airport on top of work orders and other important dates

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