Digitizing Citizen Requests & Community Surveys with the City of Stamford, CT

Stamford, CT, a city of 135,000 in the Tri-State area of NYC, effectively and responsively manages its entire citizen request process – from community surveys, service requests, and work orders – on a single digital platform. Whether for a major highway project or a local downed stop sign, officials for the City needed more than just a basic 311 system – they needed an integrated solution that would allow them to seamlessly execute the work required to address and resolve issues, as well as gather the thoughts and priorities of its community members, to help guide projects to the best results. See the city’s solution in this webinar.

Fielding Thousands of Local Service Requests

Stamford handles over 16,000 requests from citizens with a dashboard

More Community Involvement

The city captures the thoughts of over 600 citizens through surveys

Improved Parking Enforcement

Step-by-step workflow processes made these essential city operations more efficient

Watch the Webinar

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