Veoci Vitals Rounding

Spend less time on rounding.

Veoci Vitals Rounding gives the old rounding process a brand new look. We cut out the pen, paper, and spreadsheets and turned rounding into a dynamic solution that saves hospital staff time and effort. Digitizing the process simplifies the operations not only gives something back to hospitals, it ensures they also hit the same regulatory benchmarks in less time.

  • Veoci’s mobile app puts rounding forms and processes into the pockets of department leaders and other hospital personnel
  • Schedule rounding events in a few clicks; never miss a rounding event using a comprehensive list in Veoci of all scheduled rounding events
  • Automatic email notifications and escalations ensure corrective actions are always visible and addressed
  • Digital records of inspections and transcripts of conversations capture all of the information needed to demonstrate compliance with CMS regulations
  • Automatically generate reports of findings, opportunities of improvement (OFIs), and corrective actions to share with leadership and auditors

Valley Health streamlined their risk assessments by virtualizing the process and eliminating manual tasks. By upgrading from pen, paper, clipboard, and individual spreadsheets, they reduced surveyor round time from 3 hours to just 30 minutes, all while capturing more actionable information.

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