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How the City of Amarillo, TX, Digitally Responds to Wildfires

Wildfires require fast action. With Veoci, Chip Orton, the city of Amarillo, Texas, and its partners can easily track and respond to wildfires within the county. See how they maintain situational awareness, use GIS mapping to understand wildfires, and keep themselves ready to tackle these spontaneous disasters in this webinar.

What will you learn from this webinar? 

With Veoci you can...

See Veoci in Action

A demo of how the Amarillo OEM used Veoci to respond to a real wildfire that blazed just outside of a major city district

Tracking and Monitoring

How the OEM uses GIS mapping to track a fire and to assist in after-action reporting

Preparing for Wildfires

How the Amarillo OEM drills for wildfire events and other incidents using Veoci

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