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How Fort Bend, TX, Daily Operations Intersects with their Virtual EOC

Executive Summary How Fort Bend, TX, Intersects Daily Operations with their Virtual EOC

Kristina Honzell, Fort Bend County’s Training and Exercise Coordinator and Greg Babst, Fort Bend County’s Emergency Management Coordinator, presented on how they have leveraged the Veoci platform to streamline emergency management operations and coordination. By developing customized Dashboards and Forms, they have established a centralized system for tracking incidents, resources, trainings, and other activities on a daily basis and during activations.

Veoci integrates data from various county systems like weather alerts to provide improved situational awareness for both staff and partner response agencies. It also facilitates information sharing through public Dashboards and virtual participation capabilities. Data captured within Veoci supports performance analysis, planning, and justifying resource needs.

While customizing Veoci took some time and iterative design, its user-friendly interface made the process more manageable. Challenges around change management, data collection from external partners, and refining the system were addressed through ongoing communication and system adjustments.

Key lessons included allowing flexibility in customization, involving end users, automating processes, and leveraging Veoci’s analytics. Fort Bend County now has an optimized coordination platform that streamlines emergency operations and sets an example for other organizations seeking to improve response effectiveness and efficiency.

To watch the entire webinar and learn how to get the most out of your virtual EOC for daily operations, click here.

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