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Security Ops at Your State Fair – How Tulsa Did It

How Tulsa EM Improved Safety Operations at the Tulsa State Fair

On December 14, 2023, Joseph Kralicek, Executive Director for the Tulsa Emergency Management Agency presented on how his team used Veoci to improve safety operations at the 2023 Tulsa State Fair. Attracting over 1 million attendees annually, the 11-day event posed many coordination challenges that the Agency had to tackle. 

Veoci was used to track issues like missing children, weather updates, dispatch logs, banned individuals from the fair, and parking lot statuses through the use of real-time dashboards and forms.  This provided another level of situational awareness and coordination that paper-based processes can never yield. 

At a large family-centered event such as this one, being able to track missing child reports digitally and share information in real-time was indispensable; reducing the average reunification time for this event from 45 minutes to under 10 minutes.

Public-facing forms on Veoci made it so individual logins were not required and could be accessed via QR codes, making it easy for officers in the field to submit information and for honest and timely reporting from temporary parking lot attendants. 

Through his usage, Joseph has found Veoci to be a cost-effective and flexible system that can be applied to various emergency management tasks beyond just large events. The Tulsa EMA continues to use Veoci to track resources, damage assessments, requests for assistance, and generate documentation needed for FEMA reimbursement after disasters, among many other daily use cases.

We encourage those in the areas of EM, safety and event management to watch this webinar and learn how simple revamping large-scale safety operations can be. You can find the recording of the webinar here.

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