Airline Incident Management

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    Activate the airline command center in one click.

    Set every process, task, notification, and more in motion immediately in just one click of a button.

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    Simplified next of kin management.

    Automatically assign team members to kin for each passenger and crew, and create records of all accommodations, communications, and statuses.

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    Enable every team at your organization.

    Dashboards and workspaces for the incident response team, communications teams, executives, and more – bring all data and operations into one place.

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Bring time-saving automation to drills and activations.

Veoci enables airlines to start automating their incident response operations, launching checklists, tasks, and notifications in seconds after command center activations. Bring essential passenger, crew, and/or cargo manifests into the fold too via integrations. Keep your organization from having to chase down data and move from one tool to another just to respond to the incident. Make everything seamless so your airline can cut downtime when time is a precious resource.

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