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Emergency Management Software

Your partner before, during, and after a crisis.


Airports & Airlines


IT Teams


Plans and technology don't respond
to emergencies—people do!

Veoci enables users to track resources and log incidents quickly and in real-time so that they put up the most effective response possible.

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Spend your time solving the crisis,
not learning software.

An intuitive interface lets you begin having conversations and logging tasks as soon as you sign in. No phonebook-sized manuals to bog you down. Helpful alerts and a homepage centered around your individual activity tells you where your attention is needed most.

Find out about that fire when it happens, not from the morning paper.

Keep track of what your team is doing at all times, no matter where you are. Initiate a comprehensive response at the click of a button and be confident that someone is responsible for every task.

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Don't be a stranger. Get to know
who you're working with.

Veoci users can follow each other's progress, share resources, and have conversations on a daily basis. Speaking a common language and regularly working in a common framework prepares your team to be even more effective when a disaster strikes.

Dictate how your tools work,
not the other way around.

Email messages from your tablet. Check-in with your superiors via text message. Visualize data on your office monitor. Store files in Veoci where everyone can find them exactly when they are needed, on the device that makes sense for you.

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