Security Operations Center

With malicious actors increasingly targeting utilities, preparedness is more important than ever. Launch your plan, assess the situation, and coordinate with your team all through Veoci the moment someone strikes. Whether it’s for physical or cyber, Veoci enables your team’s response so they can restore services faster.

When an ice storm takes down half your grid, it’s time to send the call out and get more crews on the lines. The extra crews make getting power back to homes and businesses easier, but organizing the aid can be a challenge. From building the roster to demobilization, Veoci takes the headaches out of mutual aid so you can ensure the return of services to your customers.

Create a fully secure and separate environment for all communication in Veoci

Launch pre-coordinated plans in Veoci for efficient mitigation

Develop workaround procedures to replace down systems

Feel secure with standardized check-in processes

Keep detailed transcripts of the event for the following investigation

Face crisis and continuity challenges with expert solutions designed for you and your teams.

Learn how Veoci puts you in control