Part 3: Practitioner Panel: Continuity in the Face of Coronavirus

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is forcing many of us to change how we go about our days, and the same could be said for businesses. Businesses need to respond to COVID-19 properly to ensure the continuity of their operations and organization. In this webinar, 4 practitioners from Veoci discuss how organizations across industries can best prepare and guide their organizations through their response during the pandemic.

Hear Pandemic Response and Planning Best Practices

Veoci’s practitioners share their experiences and discuss best practices for planning for an emergency of this scale

How Organizations Can Prepare for Pandemics

Every organization has to respond to COVID-19; our practitioners talk about some of the universal principles planners across industries can use to plan for the coronavirus

Understanding Outbreaks & Continuity

Pandemics and outbreaks are unlike anything else, and they present their own unique challenges – our practitioners explore how they manage these situations

Watch the Webinar

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