Hydrofest: How Marshall County, AL, Digitally Manages Large-Scale Summer Fun

The 2023 Guntersville Lake Hydrofest is a 3-day hydroplane racing event that brought in nearly 10,000 people for a day of aquatic action. However, with that much excitement comes a lot of responsibility for those in charge, from accounting for hundreds of staff on and off the lake, managing assets and mapping personnel locations. Watch this webinar in which the county shares the ins and outs of successfully planning and executing a large-scale event, as well as managing day-to-day operations, all in a virtual collaboration platform.

Planning and event management.

Marshall County, Al, details how they plan for such a large event each year.

Leveraging technology.

See how the county leverages Veoci for this annual tradition.

GIS mapping for assets, personnel, and more.

The county uses native GIS mapping capabilities to build a common operating picture.

Watch the Webinar

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